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Emotional Wellness (K-6)

Social-emotional learning is critical to managing anxiety at this time.

“Because if you don’t know how to deal with the lack of control of your future, or the feelings of uncertainty that you’re having, your brain is going to stay in a constant fight or flight mode,” he said. “And if our brain is in fight or flight mode, then it’s not in learning mode.” (Marc Bracket, Yale – Edweek article)

K-6 Additional Activities

Mindful– Ep. 1 (6 min)

Boredom – Ep. 2 On Boredom (8 min)

K-6 Resources

37 Techniques to calm an anxious child

Resources to support student mental health during school closures

Maintaining Your Emotional Immunity During Covid-19

Supporting Kids During the Coronavirus Crisis

Emotional Resilience During the Coronavirus

Outbreaks Can Be Stressful

A Parent’s Guide for Meeting the Challenge During the Covid-19 Pandemic

K-6 Student Support

Ottawa County Suicide Prevention Resources

Contact Sandra Smits – Holmes Principal

Contact Shelley Peets – Jeffers Principal

Contact Jon Fitzpatrick – Intermediate Principal

Contact Shana Woodwyk – Intermediate Counselor

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