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Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update #3

Dear Laker Parents,

As we wrap up this week and look to the next three, I have a few additional notes to share:

  1. Central Office will be open throughout the next three weeks. We may run on shorter hours but staff will be on hand daily.   Our phone number is 846-5500.
    •   We will help coordinate technical support for student issued devices
    •   We can help with items left in lockers or classrooms that are needed at home
    •   Please use us as a resource for information over this extended break
  2. Expect communication from me as warranted and likely once per week. There are still many potentially disruptive scenarios in play.  Overall, this situation remains very fluid.
  3. The FAC will be closed until further notice.
  4. Community Childcare is closed through April 5th.
  5. All athletic practices, games, and scrimmages are cancelled through April 5th.
  6. We are working on a meal plan for students who qualify for F/R meals – if you believe your child qualifies, please email me.
  7. You will hear from your child’s building principal soon, if you haven’t already. We are coordinating efforts to continue learning over the break but this is much more about maintenance and continuity than it is about advancement.

As always, let us know what you need to know – if we haven’t covered it, ask.

Much appreciation to all our parents this week – you have been patient and supportive. Thank you.


Dennis Furton, Superintendent

345 Hammond St, Spring Lake MI 49456

(616) 846-5500

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