How to Create a PowerSchool Parent Portal Account

(This is for parents only.  Students will continue to use the ID and Password provided by their office.)

PowerSchool recently introduced a new login system called Single Sign On (SSO). SSO gives parents quicker and more convenient access to PowerSchool data. SSO allows parents and guardians to set up their own individual login credentials and, for those with multiple students in the district, access to all their students' information with a single login. In addition, SSO allows users to retrieve forgotten login and password information themselves rather than requiring a call to school.

Instructions for creating a parent account are detailed below. You can also view a brief video produced by Pearson for parents. Note that the video references a slightly older version of PowerSchool so while the account creation process is the same, the screens seen once the demonstrator logs in are slightly different.

Go to the Parent Portal page as usual:

You'll see the usual login boxes plus a new option to "Create an Account".

Click the "Create Account" tab to begin the process of creating your new single sign on credentials.

Note: setting up a new login is necessary even if you only have one student enrolled in the Spring Lake Public Schools.


When you reach the registration page, you will be asked to input your name, desired username, password and your students' names and your relationship to them.

NOTE: You may NOT use your email address as your username.

After confirming an available username and a secure password you will go to the "Link Students to Account" fields on the registration page. Enter the parent "Access ID" and "Access Password" to link them to your account. Once you have finished with your entries, click "Enter" to finish the process.

IMPORTANT:  Parents Access IDs have been slightly modified for 2014-15.  All Parent Access IDs now have "pa" in front of the ID now.

Example:  If your Access ID last year was 200015, this year it is  pa200015.

Your Access Password is the same as last year.

DID YOU GET THIS ERROR MESSAGE?: "Lisa Simpson has not been added to your account. Valid student information must be entered"

If you receive a message like this it means you are not using the parent access ID and password.  

You may be able to locate the parent info in past correspondence from the school. If not, please call the school or class office to have a reminder letter sent to you.

Note: if you do not have the access information for all your students at hand, you may add them at a later date from within the portal.

Click here for a step-by-step video to create your Parent Portal Account.